Texas Ettiquette

        Men will always tip their hat or touch two fingers to the brim when they meet a lady on the street.

        No Texan will ever make fun of another Texan's hat no matter how dirty or bent up it is.

        Children are taught at an early age to say "Ma'am" and "Sir" to anyone older and are generally corrected if they have a moment of brain freeze. This habit continues well into adulthood.

        Texans mostly respect other driver's need to hurry, even if they don't feel the need to be, and will most likely pull onto the shoulder of a two-lane road so they can pass. But, we do expect a wave of the hand to say "thank you" as y'all zoom on by!

        Ya best not go over a rancher's fence without his permission no matter how many points that buck has. This is considered trespassing and property lines are just not violated in Texas. If ya decide to take your chances, then be prepared to explain in the emergency room how ya got buckshot in your rear. Of course they will probably know anyway. Oh yeah, and don't forget about those Texas bulls who may decide you just shouldn't be there either!

        There are certain rules to carrying on a conversation with a Texan that are just plain good manners. Ya never discuss anything, especially business, without first asking about the family, how they've been feeling and what they think about the weather. Yankees seem to get right impatient with these preliminaries but this is just the way it is.

        John Wayne, may he rest in peace, rarely removed his hat in the movies when he entered a house or a cafe. If ladies are present, it is a must that the hat be removed. And a lady is lady until she proves differently.

        Texans always compliment a good cook by asking for "seconds" or the very least, the recipe.

        A Texan always knows when to back down when something from another state is better. For instance, a Texan knows that the best and hottest hot sauce comes from our cousin state of Louisiana!

        A Texan will always honk his horn when he's leavin someone's house and then always calls to let 'em know they made it home safely.

        Lastly, the most important mannerly act taught to young Texans is to never ask a man where he's from. If he's from Texas, he'll tell you. If he isn't, don't embarrass him!

        Here's a few more surefire ways of tellin a true Texan.
        Not all apply, but most do.....

        Knows that a good lock keeps most people honest.
        May wear a bathrobe but never ties it.
        Knows that when his mama says "froggy!" he'd better jump.
        Sees no real good reason to end a lot of words with the letter 'g'.
        Removes his hat when a funeral passes by.
        Always makes room for one more at the dinner table.
        Knows what a "mess" is.
        Drinks sweetened iced tea at most meals.
        Has a National Rifle Association bumper sticker.
        Has at least one kinfolk named Bubba, Jim Bob, or Bo.
        Won't eat okra unless it's fried.
        Has put peanuts in his soda pop.
        Has enjoyed Moon Pies and R.C. Cola.
        Wouldn't take his weight in gold for a "good old hound dawg."
        Same as above applys for a "good woman ! "
        Knows ain't is a perfectly acceptable word.
        Will go to the wall for a friend.
        Thinks lying is worse than stealing.
        Always repays his debts.
        Always remembers his country roots & where he's from.
        Thinks where he's from is God's Country.
        Always keeps his word and remembers that is how most folks judge him.